Add some spring touches to celebrate the new season’s arrival, says Jamie Hempsall.

Decorating the home for Easter is becoming a bigger issue in the UK. I know the season has arrived when I arrive at my Mother’s house to see her twisted willow adorned with hand-painted eggs. This outdoor visual treat is also a wonderful family activity, as everyone can help paint eggs and then gather round to decorate the tree.

With the tone set with a tree, why not opt for an Easter Wreath? These welcome your guests and hint at the hot cross buns and simnel cake that may be on offer inside. A great example is the Easter Floral Egg Wreath from Gisela Graham. It has a rustic design decorated with speckled eggs and flowers. It would also make a super centrepiece (£23.95: – 0845 505 3222).

Easter Floral Egg Wreath from I Like Chickens

Use egg shaped candles with a pale yolk colour inside to create the ideal Easter Breakfast table. They are remarkably realistic and would look lovely all year round. Nordic House sell three different sizes to suit all appetites (a half dozen “hens” eggs are £7.50: – 0845 475 1610).

Egg Candles With Yolk by Nordic House

The perfect breakfast table needs the perfect breakfast and what better than dippy eggs and soldiers? You may be all grown up, but can you really resist a little dunk? The Soldier Egg Cup should bring a smile to your face and the toast cutter will turn boring bread into genuine bone-fide soldiers! (£6.95: – 0844 2495 007).

Soldier Egg Cup And Toast Cutter from

If your loved one is heading off to work after breakfast, brighten their office with a desk tidy that is perfect for the season. The Desk Bunny incorporates a pair of scissors for ears and has a magnetic carrot to hold paperclips. Maybe not the most practical option, but it definitely caught my eye (£15.95: – 01572 723800).

Desk Bunny With Scissors by Hirst & Hirst Living

The nursery seems the ideal place to introduce the odd bunny or two and here I have a couple of stylish and practical options. A rabbit night-light is a great way to help little ones drift off in a warm and comforting glow. The Rabbit Lamp by Rose & Grey is made from heat resistant resin which will not get hot, so is perfect for little ones to use (£55: – 0203 384 1371).

Rabbit Lamp by Rose & Grey from

In a similar vane is the subtly stylish bunny meadow wall stickers from Bambizi, which are a no mess, no fuss way to create your own designer nursery. The bunnies frolic in a field of flowers under the blossom of a beautiful tree. A wonderful way to inspire youthful imaginations and to welcome Spring inside (£95: – 0845 269 2162).

Bunny Meadow Wall Stickers by Bambizi


It seems perplexing that although Christmas is the same date each year, Easter always shifts and seems to catch us unawares. Although it may seem to be randomly generated, the date that Easter falls on every year is actually the result of a calculation set by Egyptian astronomers in Alexandra in 235ad relating to the Spring Equinox. The actual formula is: Easter Sunday or Easter Day is the first Sunday after the first full moon following the Spring Equinox.

The Christian celebration of Easter also coincides with a number of other festivals celebrating the re-birth of the year – hence, gifts of eggs and rabbits that are both symbols for fertility and re-birth.

Jamie Hempsall, BIID, is an award winning interior designer.