WELCOME TO EASTER: Hand-painted Bunny Egg Cup from Laura Lee Design, top left; Galvanised metal is a nice touch, Retreat-Home has a range of pots and jugs embossed with a little hen, from £6.99, right; Decorative Easter eggs from Very Nice Things, above left; Rabbit Cupboard Knob from Monty’s Vintage Shop is a small touch that can add some cheer to the home.

It may not feel like it but Easter is just around the corner. Interior Designer Jamie Hempsall gives his tips on seasonal goodies.

Easter is coming as a bit of a shock this year, not just because it is so early, but it is difficult to contemplate when we continue to be barraged by snow flurries. The prospect of spring blooms and bright sunshine seem a million miles away. However, even though Mother Nature is not playing her part, why not embrace the season with gusto and add a bit of Easter emphasis to our interior schemes?

Seasonal decoration schemes are beginning to seep into the British Psyche, with Halloween nearly as firm a fixture as Christmas. Easter decorations seem to have been more prevalent in mainland Europe, but now that tradition is gradually emerging in UK households.

Spring Wreaths are a nice way of welcoming a visitor (and the Spring Season) into your home. They are increasingly forming part of many florists’ ranges and help to ease the departure of the Christmas Wreath, which can leave front doors looking a little under-dressed. An example like the Easter Wreath from Velvet Brown is made with fresh foliage, herbs and moss, and then dressed with faux flowers and ribbon.   The company say that when hung outside at this time of year each wreath should last for several weeks (£49; www.velvetbrown.co.uk – 01844 278866).
















An Easter wreath from Velvet Brown

We like to add to the Easter theme by decorating a tree which we keep in a small courtyard visible from the kitchen, other friends have begun adopting this idea and so we have seen Easter trees popping up in hallways and living rooms – as well as outside the odd front door. I use an interesting twig as a base (such as a twisted willow), but sprouting green bushes and drab green shrubs are also super. Dress your tree with coloured egg shapes: the brighter the hue of the eggs, the bigger the injection of Spring. Create a massive impact using wonderful Glass Decorative Eggs from Very Nice Things (£4; www.verynicethings.co.uk – 01772 600904).

Decorative Easter eggs from Very Nice Things

Spring touches throughout the home help to add a bit of cheer on grey mornings, so it can be fun to introduce little mementos in unexpected places.   Although these can be temporary additions, it is nice to do something more permanent to add a hint of quirkiness into your scheme. It does not have to be a huge statement – small touches that are not immediately obvious often have the best result. I have a feeling that children will be thrilled at discovering the ceramic Rabbit Cupboard Knob either used in their own bedroom or as part of a fun scheme in the kitchen (£15; www.montysvintageshop.co.uk – 01889 581 225).

Rabbit Cupboard Knob from Monty’s Vintage Shop

Cookware and crockery also rank high in areas where you can add a bit of seasonal cheer. Low price points often mean that is not too onerous to have a few special pieces that can get packed away when the Easter Bunny has departed to be delightfully revealed the following year as part of your seasonal decorating traditions.

French farm chic has been around for years and definitely adds an element of the outdoors inside. Galvanised metal is a particularly nice touch in a spring interior as it is beautiful, yet also incredibly practical.   Retreat-Home has a range of pots and jugs embossed with a little hen – perfect for the inner farmer in even the most committed of urbanites (from £6.99; www.retreat-home.com – 01628 471056).

Retreat-Home has a range of pots and jugs embossed with a little hen, from £6.99

The most intimate touch for seasonal dressing has got to be the family eating area and what better way to add some Easter joy by serving vegetable coloured boiled eggs in a selection of new Egg Cups? My particular Easter favourites are the Hand Painted Bunny Egg Cups from the Cornish Studio of Laura Lee (£8.50; www.lauraleedesigns.co.uk – 07805 066417).  Laura Lee will be at the British Craft Trade Fair in Harrogate (7th – 9th April).

Hand-painted Bunny Egg Cup from Laura Lee Design

Chat To Designer At Live Event

 Yorkshire Post Magazine Live

We are very excited to be appearing at Yorkshire Post Magazine Live in April. We are currently putting the finishing touches to our room set designed especially for the event. We will be on hand throughout the weekend to chat and offer a bit of advice where we can. There will also be three Jamie Hempsall hints and tips sessions in the demonstration each day, where readers will be able to gain some special insight into his unique approach to interior design.

Yorkshire Post Live takes place at The Pavillions of Harrogate on 13th & 14th April.

Jamie Hempsall, BIID, is a multi-award winning interior designer.