OutKlass Fitness Studio

Our client was a Professional Personal Trainer who was opening a new private studio in an Eco Building in Nottinghamshire. The studio has a team of six personal trainers, who provide one-on-one training sessions along with a successful series of group classes.

The training room is not open to the general public and needed to get away from the feel of a High Street Gym – emphasising both the quality and exclusivity of the offer available.

We did away with a traditional heavily mirrored environment to avoid that nasty business of having to constantly watch yourself whilst you train – the PT team are there to keep you in check and place you in front of the discrete mirrors if needs be!

The ceiling and walls were painted in a warm, inspiring colour with windows as free of dressing as possible to ensure the area felt bright and airy. Woodwork was finished in a natural silk to reflect the eco-credentials of the building.

The flooring was sourced from a Gym specialist and separated into two areas (heavy equipment and light workout) with colour divides in the corporate colours and logo to delineate these.

Changing areas were finished in travertine, wood and leather to emphasise the quality of the facility and again reflect the natural eco-building.

Heating & ventilation were vital to ensure an environment that remained devoid of the normal smells associated with gyms.

The overall look is clean, clear and motivational.