West Retford Orangery

We were commissioned by the owners of the West Retford Hotel to help develop a dining room in a new Orangery extension, designed by Soul Architects.

We worked with the architects to advise on natural jura limestone floor finishes, electrical and lighting schemes. We also created the entire interiors scheme for the restaurant.

The remit was to develop a modern and contemporary dining experience, but to marry this to the more traditional areas seen within the main hotel. To do this we played to the strengths of the floor to ceiling windows, creating dramatic drapes from archive Sanderson prints. These were teamed with acid lime textured velvet upholstered chairs in grey washed beech for a contemporary feel.

The tables were topped with grey wood mix laminates that were picked up in the slightly deco inspired bar and guest buffet areas. Playing to the organic feel of the orangery construction.

A subtle modern grey palette was used on the walls to add a warm, but neutral background to contemporary mirrors and paintings. Dotted throughout the scheme were archive prints of the hotel when it had been a private Country House to help firmly establish the heritage.