Comics hold a special place in our hearts and now they are in uencing our homes. Interior designer Jamie Hempsall reports.

Comic book art features strong outlines, primary based colours and small dots (known as Ben-Day) to make up their images. The overall appearance of the comic may be brash, but in the right environment it can inject an element of excitement – or one-off humour.

Andrew Martin has just launched a number of Wild West and Sci-Fi comic book cover inspired prints in their new Archive Collection. For those wanting something firmly tongue in cheek, they also have designs featuring comic strips with titles such as “I Want To Be An Interior Designer”. Wonderfully kitsch; they are perfect for pepping up a drab sofa or chair (from £39.90 per pattern repeat; – 020 7225 5100).

I Want to Be fabric by Andrew Martin from £39.90 per pattern repeat

Digital print means that it is now much easier to use Comic Strip images for wallpapers and blinds; ensuring crisp, clear image reproduction. A good example of this is the Superman Comic Roller blind. Its bright colours make it perfect for a bedroom or bachelor pad window (priced from £119; – 0161 873 8891).

Superman window blind from £119

Fans of the graphic novel should like the contemporary Sinners City furniture range created by Evil Robot Designs, which incorporate actual pages from “Sin City”. The coffee table is created from a reclaimed door, with cut outs from Frank Miller’s book being embedded into the tabletop. The end result has then been finished in a high gloss lacquer (£349.99; – 07925 242435).

Sinners City Coffee Table by Evil Robot Designs £349.99 based on Frank Miller’s Sin City

Designers are also using original comics and incorporating them into a number of useful items for the home. The products they produce are both tactile and exciting to view: flashes of colour to be dotted about your home to create points of interest.

Juju & Bubba produce Vintage Comic Decoupage Dishes using bamboo bowls. They are perfect either as table displays or wall art. Each item is made by hand so no two are ever the same. (£50; – 07703 483868).

Handmade Vintage Comic Decoupage Bowl by Juju and Bubba £50

Alternatively, you can enjoy using coasters created using re-cycled vintage comic books to protect your surfaces. Perhaps not a truly amazing job for a Superhero, but none the less a very practical one! (£14.50 for a set of 4; ).

Vintage Comic Coasters by EllieEllie £14.50 for a set of four


Finally, why not pick out a key letter for your loved one and have it crafted into a one-off three dimensional sculpture using original vintage Beano, Superman or Bunty comic pages. A perfect birthday or anniversary present (£38; – 07831 800000)


Handmade paper sculpture: 3d letter T made from Beano annual


Roy Lichtenstein (1923 – 1997) was one of the most prominent American pop artists, rising to prominence in the 1960s and becoming a leading figure of the movement, along with Andy Warhol. His work is strongly influenced by comic book style and features thick outlines, bold colours and Ben-Day dots as if they are enlargements of a comic strip panel. His most famous work is arguably Whaam! (1963), now hung at Tate Modern. It is one of the earliest examples of pop art and depicts a fighter aircraft firing a rocket on an enemy plane, with a red-and-yellow explosion.

Jamie Hempsall is a multi-award winning Interior Designer.