As spring beckons the new fabric collections are hitting the shelves with Geometric prints definitely in vogue.  Interior Designer Jamie Hempsall picks four of his favourites.

There is a hint of a new season in the air and with that comes fresh new collections from the fabric houses.  Spring 2016 sees a range of exciting new designs hitting the market and one clear story is the development of strong geometric patterns.

It is difficult to define this as a trend, because this style of design is always with us in some form and has been appearing in interiors since at least the 5th Century BC, when they are clearly evidenced in Mesopotamian Pottery.

However, there is a definite symmetry about these collections, with fabric houses softening elements of what can be an extremely harsh appearance.  Many have undertaken this by introducing delicate tonal shades and warm colour palettes to create designs that do not require you to take a sharp intake of breath before adopting them.

The strength of mid-20th Century and Scandinavian design within the furniture market also plays to the strength of this style where the firm patterns juxtapose well with the clean, clear lines of unfussy furniture and natural floor finishes.

Margo Selby leads the way with her Ragtime Collection for Osborne & Little.  Margo trained at the Chelsea College of Art and Design and specialises in woven textiles.  A number of the seven designs in this collection are woven on Jacquard looms, which ensure that the graphic imagery is extremely crisp and virtually 3D in appearance.  Each design is dedicated to one of the greats of ragtime and jazz (including Basie & Joplin) and feature distinctive colour combinations such as grape and chartreuse with duck egg, or teal and mandarin with coral and ice (from £60 per meter –; 020 8812 3123).

RT Spring - Margaret Selby Ragtime Collection

Ariane Dalle, Artistic Director at Larsen attributes the influence of their strong Spring geometric collection to the pictorial art of the women of Tiébélé in southern Burkina Faso, Africa.  The collection features a number of stylish designs in which both natural and finer fabrics have been underscored by structured graphic motifs – making for a series of solutions, which deliver modernity and exquisiteness.  Of particular note is Warner from their Sidney Collection which features large three colour diamonds woven in crewel work stitches on a linen back – the colour combinations are a lesson in understated elegance (£145 per meter –; 020 7493 2231).

RT Spring - Metro Collection by Prestigious Textiles

Romo have also taken their ever-popular Linara brushed cotton-linen and added some wonderful printed designs featuring contemporary geometric squares and stripes to create their new Cubis collection.  The beautiful colour palette featured includes subtle neutrals, pastel pink, forest green and sunflower yellow.  The collection is designed to be an ideal complement to the existing Linara plain range (the Cubis collection is £39.50 per meter –; 01623 756 699).

RT Spring - Warner from the Sidney Collection by Larsen

The prolific design team at Prestigious Textiles continue to produce ranges of increasing complexity.  This season sees the introduction of two wonderful geometric inspired ranges.

“Annika” is a collection of Scandi-style jacquards in six exuberant palettes headed by a rather zesty Tutti Frutti (from around £33 per meter –;  01274 688448).

In contrast, “Metro”, is a subtler, but bolder fashion statement.  A medley of contemporary geometric designs with jacquard zig-zags and diamonds supported by contoured velvets to ensure that there is definitely something for everyone (from around £20 per meter).

RT 10th March 2016