From Concrete Kitchens to Trendy Teen Rooms, Award-winning Interior Designer Jamie Hempsall answers your Readers’ Questions.

We are creating a modern kitchen and want an eye-catching work-surface.  Shiny is definitely not what we want, so we need to avoid Granite.  Suggestions gratefully received. DS

 If you have the budget, the choice of natural finishes is broad these days.  If you are actually attracted to granite it is worth knowing it comes in non-high shine finishes.  Speak to your supplier about a honed or leather-finish, which are both matt in appearance and relatively simple to maintain.

Alternatively, if you fancy something innovative then consider the Raw Concrete Classico Worktop from Caesarstone.  The shade contrasts beautifully with steel appliances and gives a hint of an industrial kitchen in a domestic setting.

Caesarstone is engineered quartz stone, which is scratch and stain resistant.  It is non-porous and easy to clean (the manufacturer recommends soap & water or a mild detergent) and is available in a variety of depths from 13mm.

Prices start at £400 per meter ( – 01706 863 600).

Mid Week RQ - Raw Concrete worksurface from Caesarstone

Our bathroom lighting needs an update and I want something colourful and glamorous.  We have high ceilings and large room dimensions and need a large overhead fitting.  Could you let me have some advice on what might work? ME

 Bathrooms are wet and steamy places.  If you are looking at locating lights where there is a risk of water intrusion, you need to ensure that any fitting has an IP44 rating (or above).

This is definitely not a barrier to interesting lighting though and you may be surprised to learn some chandelier manufacturers make products that fit the bill perfectly.

The team over at Curiousa and Curiousa have just adapted their award-winning hand-made pendant light range to work within IP44 rated conditions, which would be perfect for the environment you mention.  Prices start from £540, for more details head over to (01629 826284).

Mid Week RQ - New IP44 Bathroom Ready Lighting Range from Curiousa and Curiousa

We are re-designing our guest room and need a small wardrobe to provide hanging space.  We are very limited on size, but want something with good design credentials.  Can you make any suggestions? AM

 Clockhouse Furniture makes a terrific range of tented cupboards, which we squeeze into some very tight spaces.  The corner cupboard (pictured) is particularly useful for challenging spots, or if you want something more exotic choose their hexagonal tented cupboards with a domed top sporting a feature finial.

The cupboards are upholstered in your own fabric and can be painted in any colour for a perfectly bespoke solution.  The build quality is terrific and they smack of traditional craftsmanship, made to hand down for generations to come.

Prices start at £1,530 excluding fabric and delivery – (01620 842870).

Mid Week RQ - Corner Cupboard from Clockhouse Furniture

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Our eldest has just acquired teen status and I have promised a bedroom makeover.  Where do I start? TT

Make this a joint process, with gentle steering away from anything character or novelty focussed.  Opt for good design with plain backgrounds and dress with cool colour in soft furnishings and lighting, which can be changed as teen tastes develop.

Luckily, mother of two, Zoe Egerton, has used her experience to create  – a well-curated design edit of products to make the perfect teen pad.  Head there to make life very easy!

Mid Week RQ - Rainbow Rug from Zed Teen for a the perfect pad