Is your home bursting at the seams and in need of a declutter? Interior Designer Jamie Hempsall gives his advice on stylish storage.

Following the usual present haul many households will be straining to find places to store the extra items that have been gifted to them.

Every home can benefit from hidden storage, as it ensures that the overall appearance of your room remains clutter free (even if the drawers may contain a nightmare of debris!), making cleaning easier and creating a more relaxing environment.

Dual-purpose furniture with integrated storage is a perfect way to help maximise the space available to you. The first option we look to include is an ottoman or trunk style furniture in place of the traditional coffee or occasional tables. These are ideal for storing larger items such as games and toys making them perfect for households with younger children, where the adults might enjoy a “Bob the Builder” free environment in the evening. Your local upholsterer is a good place to start as they can create bespoke pieces for you that will meet your exact size needs, covered in a fabric that will match your scheme perfectly. With the ability to create designs in fabric covered MDF you should find this a cost efficient solution.

Alternatively, the rise of industrial chic in the last couple of years means that there are plenty of trunk style pieces now on the market, which combine extra storage without compromising on style. Consider options such as the Bashment Industrial Green Metal Coffee Table (£295; – 0208 508 0411).

Bashment Industrial Green Metal Coffee Table features trunk-style storage

We use a similar trick in teenage and adult bedrooms where an upholstered bucket style stool with integrated storage makes a much more space efficient option than a standard chair. A nice example is the Lida Velvet Stool (£193.00; – 01282 471610).

Lida Aubergine Velvet Stool With Removable Lid & Storage


With floor space accounted for, look to your walls to provide some additional space.   Standard book shelving is an traditional choice, but this is definitely an area to think outside the box both in terms of the items that you may want to consider storing on the wall and how you wish to display them.

The main problem with wall storage is that it is extremely obvious and creates an immediate impression for your room. Therefore, items need to be neatly stored for both visual appeal and safety. However, consider using a selection of different width shelves to provide flexible, stylish storage. A great example of this is the Storage Ladder, which takes inspiration from the traditional step ladder (£225; – 01993 823117).

The Burford Garden Company Storage Ladder offers a selection of shelves of different widths in a design inspired by a step ladder

Alternatively, use a group floating drawer units such as the Pacco by Mocha fora combination of traditional shelving with hidden drawers. This gives the added benefit of discrete storage for clutter or to keep personal items out of site (£59.99; – 0209 953 8333). They also work brilliantly as suspended bedside tables.

Pacco Floating Drawer by Mocha combines traditional shelving with hidden drawers

Take Steps To Hide Away Your Shoes

 A common storage problem is footwear, which takes up a lot of space and may be used infrequently. So why not consider making this a feature? Display infrequently worn specimens on angled shelving placed higher up on walls or above doors – effectively reclaiming lost space in the home. Alternatively, for those shoes you need regular access to make the shelf the star and consider an option such as the Nest Wall Mounted Vertical Shoe Rack, which holds the shoe by the toe within a free flowing stainless steel form (£75; – 01462 349060).

The Nest Wall Mounted Vertical Shoe Rack is one handy solution to the problem of storing footwear


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