Invest in your bedroom to ensure you start and finish your day in the right way. Interior designer Jamie Hempsall gives his advice.

In the midst of winter when our hibernating instinct seems to be at its most primeval, there can be nothing better than a bit of extra time in bed. Whether you are early to bed or early to rise, comfort and order are the two most important things in any bedroom to ensure a good night’s sleep.

It might sound frivolous, but keeping a tidy and well-decorated bedroom can be extremely advantageous. Of all the rooms in your home, your bedroom is the one you are likely to spend the most time in – albeit much of it unconscious.   However, it is the crucial minutes before you nod off and as you awake that can drastically affect your temperament and are, therefore, well worth investing some time, effort and a bit of money in.

A tidy room with a well co-ordinated scheme has a surprisingly calming effect on most people – working both to put you in the right mind-set for a good night’s rest, as well as waking you up without any hideous assault on the senses.

Start by keeping clutter to a minimum. A bedroom may be “out of sight” to the general populace, but you have to think of yourself as its most important visitor. Being greeted by an array of drying washing, ironing boards or clothes thrown over chairs is very unsettling to most of us, even if it is subconscious.

Take a bit of extra time to hang things up early evening to avoid stimulating yourself just before you go to bed. Also ensure that you provide storage to tidy away clutter – even if it means having a “messy” draw where you merely throw everything in to keep your bed and surfaces visually appealing.

Order and symmetry in a double bedroom also ease the mind, so it is worth investing to ensure that you have matching bedside tables and lamps when setting up your bedroom.

Most adult rooms have little use during the daytime, so it can be a good idea to concentrate on creating an environment that looks at its best at night. Choosing rich, dark pigments and heavier, tactile fabrics creates an environment that is both inviting and comforting.

The addition of carefully chosen soft furnishings can be a boon, but avoid going overboard with the cushions; two to four are good dressing, any more and you are creating a barrier to bed – not to mention having the hassle of finding somewhere to put them at night and then putting them all back in the morning.

Finally, invest in the best bedding you can (seek out 500 thread count in the sales, you will love the difference!) and good rest should be assured.

AN ART DECO VOYAGE INTO STYLEThe images are from an award-winning design we created in partnership with Chiselwood Ltd ( – 01522 704446). The concept is an Art Deco Ocean Liner Stateroom, picking up on the fashion for the Orient that was rampant pre-war. Dark colours and lavish finishes ensure that this suite embraces the occupant from the moment they enter. The darker tones combined with multi-level lighting, radiant natural wood and opulent fabrics provide a feeling of intimacy in a large room.

Jamie Hempsall is a multi-award winning interior designer.


Article as it appears in the Yorkshire Post 26th Dec 2012

Article as it appears in the Yorkshire Post 26th Dec 2012